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About Marni Media, LLC

We Find Solutions

Our objective is to send the right message
to the right target audience.

Marni Media, LLC, marketing communications services are customer-driven for clients in small- to medium-size firms. We find marcom solutions by planning marketing strategy, targeting customer messages, and using creative media both online and offline. We think of efficient marketing communications as "getting more bang for the marketing buck."

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Visitors come to your site but leave immediately.
  • Your web site doesn't attract targeted customers.
  • Marketing messages seem vague and lack focus.
  • Advertising and promotion messages say different things in different media.
  • Conflicting messages delivered to same target audience.
  • You have no time for planning or testing marcom messages.
  • You have no resources to adjust campaigns after testing.
  • Marketing objectives not clearly understood by technical and creative development teams.
  • Sales people pulled away from selling to create their own sales presentations and customer handouts.
  • You have no time to learn new trends and keep up with marketing, advertising and promotion news.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above situations --
we need to talk about finding solutions for your business.

About Our MarCom Process

We understand the need to integrate art and esthetic appeal with technology. Effective implementation of marketing strategy depends upon team-work between managers, marketers, artists and technical staff including editors, network and database administrators, programmers, and software developers. We are structured to deliver services as part of a team of professionals or as a single strategic partner in a project management capacity.

The most effective creative teams combine art and science. They understand strategic marketing concepts, and they are able to implement creative messages that positively influence current and potential customers. We believe artistic expression, slick production, and programming applications should be customer-driven and enhance the selling message -- not get in the way of messages that sell.

Marni Media, LLC, services are based upon extensive experience in planning, designing, creating, producing, testing and refining marketing communications between businesses and their customers. Our online services integrate keyword phrases and search engine optimization techniques into original copywriting and site design.

Marni Pingree leads the team of marketing communications professionals.

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